your date night routine checklist

your date night routine checklist

whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth date, there is nothing like spending that extra time making sure you feel your most confident self.

we’ve put together a fault proof routine to help take some of those pre-date jitters away and have you looking ah-mazing!

cause after all, you need to love yourself first before you can love anyone else (that’s what my therapist says anyway…)

set the mood

nothing says date night prep than lighting a few candles and cranking the tunes.

time and time again, studies have shown the power music has on a person’s mood. certain types of music have been proven to increase dopamine levels in your brain (happy hormones).

think ‘Independent Women’, ‘No Scrubs’, ‘I’m a Survivor’ and why not throw it back with a little, ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’ (unless your date is Edward Cullen, then defs recommend Evanescence).

oh and never underestimate the power of a good hairbrush sing off.


prep your canvas

yes boo, the canvas is you.

just as an artist would take the time to prepare his canvas before creating his masterpiece, you too need to prep your body. i’m talking about getting that 2 year old nail polish off, putting that razor to good use and giving your hair a thorough shampoo.


get your georgiemane on

now this is where things get fun. it’s time to give your hair a mini makeover with the georgiemane hair mask.

after towel drying your hair, apply georgiemane from the root of your hair all the way to the ends. then leave the mask for 10 minutes to work its magic.


kill 10 minutes

while your waiting to rinse out your georgiemane, now is the time to do all those little essential tasks, like moisturizing your face and body, picking that outfit, painting your nails and replying to the gals group chat, “trust me, he looks hotter in person. that pic of him is when he was like 16…”


dry + style

once the 10 minutes are up, rinse your hair and then dry and style to your heart's desire.

but some words of advice - if you thought this was the time to try a zipper braid you saw your fave youtuber do, it’s not. i mean by all means go for it boo, but in reality the last thing you want is to waste all your time trying to do a hairstyle and looking like 1997 Justin Timberlake.

trust me when I say, the simpler the hairstyle the better!


paint your face (or not)
you prepared your canvas earlier and now it’s time to have some fun and apply your makeup.

obviously the style and coverage of makeup will depend on what the date actually is e.g. dinner and a movie, lunch and putt putt, netflix and chill etc.

if however, you’re one of those girls who was spawned from Jennifer Aniston and consider putting some highlight and mascara on as makeup, well I bow down to you.

either way boo, do what you’re most comfortable with - he’ll love you for you, makeup or no makeup.


but first, let me take a selfie
so you’ve put on your killer outfit, spritzed yourself with enough perfume to mask the smell of his b.o. (trust me girlllllll when he sees you, he’ll be sweatin’) and now all that’s left to do is get them angles.

at least if he turns out to be less knight in shining armour and more dud in tinfoil, you’ll have a whole new collection of tinder profile pics…