5 ways you can prevent dry and damaged hair

5 ways you can prevent dry and damaged hair

ironically, on the quest to finding the hair of our dreams we often travel down a road of mass hair destruction. 

between the colouring, styling and even the pillow cases we use, we can put our hair under a lot of pressure causing it to become frail, brittle, and dry. 

but don’t go getting the razor and going full Brittney 07’ on us just yet. 

we’ve dived into the top 10 biggest culprits of damaged and dry hair and put together ways you can still live your best hair life - cause let’s face it, Monday’s and dry shampoo were made for each other!  


1. pillow cases

ever wake up and find that your hair is a big dry, frizz ball? i’ll bet $50* you have a cotton pillow case (*a metaphorical $50 of course, cause i’m poor).   

believe it or not, cotton pillowcases can contribute to common hair problems such as dry, damaged, frizzy and knotted hair.  

so what’s the solution? 

say goodbye to cotton and hello to silk pillowcases. 

thanks to their smooth texture, silk pillow cases allow your hair to glide over it during the night. this stops the hair from becoming tangled and knotted. unlike cotton cases, silk cases don’t absorb moisture from your hair, leaving it right where it needs to be. 

 added bonus: they’re also known to prevent wrinkles! 

 but if you’ve got some attachment to your cotton pillow case, the alternative is to wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed. the scarf will act as a barrier to your pillow case, keeping your hair smooth and safe from any damage. 


2. dry shampoo 

 although dry shampoo might seem like it’s a gift sent down from the hair gods, there are a few downsides to this hair staple. 

as with most aerosol hair care products, dry shampoo contains ethyl alcohols (the kind you drink on a friday night), which can cause dryness in your hair, leading to eventual breakage. 

so what’s the solution? 

one way to avoid putting nasties in your hair is to try out an organic dry shampoo. alternatively, if you can’t bear to part with dry shampoo, you could try your hand at making some yourself. you’d be surprised how many ingredients you already have sitting in your cupboard!


3. styling 

hands up if you heat style your hair at least 5 times a week 🙋🏼‍♀️

while heat styling tools are a great way to give yourself luscious curls or sexy straight locks, using them does come at a price - causing dryness and breakage. 

so what’s the solution? 

always, always, always spritz your hair with a heat protector! just like our skin needs sunscreen as a barrier from the sun’s heat, so too does our hair from the heat of styling tools. 

while it would be most beneficial to lay down the tongs every once and a while to give your hair a break, if that sounds scarier than being in a room full of spiders, then lowering the heat on your tools will also help.

another tip is to make sure your hair is completely dry before you apply any heat to it. your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. 

and don’t forget, not all damage is irreversible. there are ways to ensure you not only prevent damage, but fix damage too. one product that is perfect for both is the georgiemane hair treatment. its special ingredients ensure that hair is deeply nourished, working to repair and restore your hair from the first wash 💆🏼‍♀️


4. colouring 

whether it was a transformation from black to blonde or a few summer foils, everytime you choose to dye your hair, unfortunately damage is occurring to your hair.  

you see, to get the new colour onto your hair, the dye has to reach the hair shaft, which means going through the hair’s cuticle. in order to do this, hair dye uses ammonia, which lifts the hairs cuticle up causing it to weaken - a huge no no! 

but it doesn't stop there, once the cuticle has been lifted, peroxide in the hair dye causes the breakdown of your natural colour so the new one can replace it. this process causes your hair to dry out and is often why your hair might look and feel like straw after you get your hair coloured. 

so what’s the solution? 

i know, i know, regrowth is rank, but stretching out your hair appointments means your hair has more time to regain strength and repair itself in between. 

if you plan on getting several services done (bleach, perm, relaxant etc.) it’s ideal that you split them into separate appointments with a few weeks apart, so you’re not overdoing it. 

but if you’ve transitioned to a different colour and have found out that in fact, blondes do have more fun, it can be hard to not want to maintain it. this is where our hair mask can literally be your hair’s life saver. with 7 essential oils, georgiemane hair treatment will work to restore your hair back to its original virgin state. 


5. hair care 

 you spend half your day sitting at the hair salon, getting it coloured, dried and styled to perfection, so why wouldn’t you invest in taking care of your hair outside of the salon too? 

finding a product that is going to do just that though can become overwhelming thanks to the number of products out there in the hair care world. 

so what’s the solution? 

one word. georgiemane 😏

ditch your conditioner and invest in your hair with our 10 minute hair mask. formulated to protect, repair and prevent future damage, our hair mask will not only leave your hair looking and feeling new, but it will also help hydrate it, locking in your hair’s precious moisture.   

it also pays to keep an eye on your hair’s current state and adjust your products around its current needs. 

still with us? ready to start on your hair journey and give it the TLC it needs? great! 

why not start by shopping our 10 minute hair mask below 😍