yep! our ultimate repair & growth bundle has been specifically designed to repair dry, damaged hair whilst promoting thicker and longer growth.
absolutely! our hair mask and hair growth spray have been formulated with ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil, and caffeine which are known to promote thicker and fuller hair growth.
thanks to our deeply nourishing ingredients you'll begin to notice results after your very first treatment for dry or damaged hair. most customers notice their growth results after 2- 3 weeks.
absolutely! save a huge 25% and get free shipping when you purchase this ultimate repair & growth bundle. save 35% when you purchase a twin pack!
yeppp! we are so sure that our hair care products are gonna be a game-changer for you, that we’re backing it up with a solid 30-day money back guarantee. you can read more about that in the returns + refunds section below.
you sure can! you can buy now and pay later with interest-free payments using one of the different payment partners we offer at checkout.
it sure does! all of our products are 100% colour-safe
yep! all of our products are curly girl method approved. you can run our ingredients on
not at all. our products have been designed to deliver effective results without making your hair oily or weighing you down.
yeeep! our products have been specially formulated for all hair types. it’ll work for you whether your hair is thick, thin, oily, dry, curly, straight, chemically treated or never seen an ounce of bleach.
you should use our hair mask on wash days in, at least once a week.
just 10 minutes (but you can leave it in longer if you want).
absolutely! in fact, we recommend using both together for optimal repairing results. the correct order to use them in would be shampooing first, followed by the hair mask, and then followed by the conditioner. using the conditioner last will help seal in the hydration and nutrients from the hair mask, ensuring your hair gets the full benefit of each product. this method not only enhances the effectiveness of your hair care routine but also leaves your hair feeling exceptionally smooth, manageable, and revitalised from roots to ends. it's the perfect finishing touch to lock in moisture and repair, giving your hair that silky, healthy look.
you should our hair growth spray once a day on wet or dry scalp.
it’s entirely up to you! if you want to use your hair growth spray on dry scalp then that’s fine. if you want to use it just after you’ve hopped out of the shower on damp scalp then that’s also fine.
our hair growth spray is a leave-in formula. no need to rinse out.
absolutely! you can continue to style however you like after you have sprayed your hair growth spray onto your scalp.
this hair growth serum is a literal game-changer for anyone wanting thicker, fuller hair. it is jam-packed with powerful ingredients to nourish your scalp and give your hair the boost it needs, especially if you're dealing with thin or slow-growing hair.
piece of cake! simply part your hair to expose your scalp, then apply 2-3 full squeezes of the dropper directly onto it. then you just gently massage in on a clean, dry scalp. for the best results, use it every second night before bed.
for the best results, use it every second night on a clean, dry scalp.
nope, it's a leave-in formula. apply and let it work its magic.
absolutely! style your hair as you normally would after applying the serum.
absolutely! in fact, this anti-frizz serum has been designed to tame that frizzy, flyaway hair!
sure will. our anti-frizz serum contains plenty of nourishing ingredients that help the overall condition of your hair.
you betcha! our anti-frizz serum will also help protectant against those heat styling tools up to 230°c
you'll get 2-3 months of use from this bundle.
yep! there are no animal products in any of our products. we also do not test on animals, we love our furry friends 🐰
right here in australia🐨
nope! all of our products are free from sulfates, parabens, and silicones. which are the main no-no's.
absolutely! our products have been designed to be safe on chemically treated hair.
yep, you sure can! our products are safe for extensions.