hair breakage and damage is a thing of the past

if you find breakage is getting in the way of you living your best hair life then that's a sure sign it’s time to change up your hair care routine.

below we’ve put together some of the most common reasons why you might be experiencing damage and breakage so you can say goodbye to breakage and hello to strong and healthy locks. 


heat styling and drying 

it’s like catch 22: you need your straightener and hairdryer to be hot like a sunrise to actually tame your locks, but the higher heat you go, the more the smell of burning hair fills the room (and unlike the smell of success in the room after you draw the perfect wing, that’s not a smell we want to be smelling just as an fyi). 

if putting down the heat tools for a minute and giving your hair a break just simply isn't an option for you, then we recommend turning the heat down and prepping your locks with heat protectant sprays to dry and keep that breakage and damage at bay. 


chemical colouring 

dying your hair blonde is all fun and games until your hair starts to look and feel like straw. with a cocktail of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (just to name a few), it makes sense that regularly dying your hair isn’t actually doing it any good. 

but that doesn’t mean your quarter life hair crisis still can’t be on the cards, that is, as long as you’re giving your locks some TLC in the form of a hair mask. our salon quality hair mask is rich with natural ingredients that will put hydration back into the hair, leaving it look so healthy no one will believe it’s not your natural hair… 


brushing and other accessories 

despite contrary belief, brushing your hair 100 times a day is not only a solid waste of your time, but it can actually lead to hair breakage. tips for brushing to reduce breakage include avoiding brushing your hair when it's wet and brush from the ends of your hair, not from the tips down. 

other hair accessories like hair ties can also lead to breakage, so it's worth looking into alternate options such as silk scrunchies. not only are they kinder to your hair, but they’re also super cute so it’s a win win. 


skipping regular hair cuts 

while it might seem counterintuitive to cut your hair when you’re trying to let it grow, regularly cutting your hair can actually help your hair’s growth by making your hair stronger. 

by booking yourself in for regular trims, you’ll ensure your split ends are stopped in their tracks, ensuring they don’t further travel up the hair strand, causing your hair to become weak and frizzy. 



according to medical news today, there are a number of factors that can cause the hair to become dry and prone to breakage, including exposure to the sun, as well as the overuse of heat styling products. 

in order to protect your hair from these factors, it becomes really important to be using the best shampoos and treatments for your locks. now we know in this oversaturated market that choosing hair care can be confusing (especially those without any nasties) so we’ve nutted that out for you here (link to other blog). 

one treatment that is designed to repair and restore your hair from the inside out, is our 10 minute mask. not only does the mask deeply hydrate hair, but it also works to prevent any future  breakage and damage so you can get on with living your best hair life. 



the saying goes, ‘beauty comes from within’, and the same can be said for your hair. dry and brittle hair that is regularly breaking can sometimes be the result of a deeper underlying issue. 

from diet and stress, to other health issues such as low iron, all of these things can cause hair breakage and loss. if you notice that your hair isn't bouncing back after changing your hair routine, then it’s always best to go and visit your doctor to get the appropriate advice and treatment.